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Caniventures offers events and workshops tailored to entrepreneurs along all phases of the business lifecycle. Attend one of our in-person or online events to learn and connect with industry peers.


Scroll below to see our current programs 

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Business Buds is our featured networking series for cannabis entrepreneurs. Each month we highlight business topics affecting the cannabis industry. These sessions feature structured lecture time, coupled with opportunities for networking and meetings.


Business Buds is best suited for those looking to learn and connect with others from the industry. We encourage entrepreneurs from all sectors of the industry to attend! 

Cannabiz Clinic

Join us for the Cannabiz Clinic!

During these clinics, attendees can:

  • Recieve private, 1-on-1 coaching

  • Attend a FREE, one hour workshop on how to start-up

  • Connect with business mentors in the industry

Interested in serving as business mentor? Click here!

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